Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs Supporters

Service and Product Providers

Suppliers and donors of top quality puppy and adult dog food. They also provide us with hundreds of various “giveaways” for our fund raising events.

These two veterinary clinics both offer outstanding services at significantly discounted prices.

They have kindly provided significant financial support and product discounts.

We are provided with specially made custom collars and leashes at deeply discounted prices.

NewTrix provides us with their specially designed dog halters at very discounted prices. These halters stops young dogs from pulling with calm, kind control.

Open Farm, an Ontario based manufacturer of sustainable, locally grown, grain free pet food, is donating food for two of our puppies in training that require special diets.

Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle Breeders

These Canadian Kennel Club breeders have generously provided our programs with pure bred puppies as donations or at significantly discounted prices.

Local Community

K4PSD was the 2014 recipient of The International Day of Persons with Disabilities Access Award which recognizes a person, group or organization that is making a significant contribution, beyond legislated requirements, towards improving access for persons with disabilities in Kingston.

The Grand Theatre, the venue for our Jim Croce Tribute concert, was made available courtesy of the City.

The Recreation and Leisure Department of the City have asked us to participate in several events like Cycle Sunday, Snow Much Fun and A New Year’s Eve Party at City Hall and the Para Pan Am Games Torch Relay at Lake Ontario Park that became significant fundraising events.

The Foundation’s Vision is to promote ….. “A vibrant creative community where everyone has the opportunity to take part in building a caring, healthy and culturally rich community”

Since our inception, CFKA has been a significant contributor through various grants and initiatives to facilitate the training of our Service Dogs and growth of activities to support our mission.

The School Board has graciously offered the use of a school gymnasium for training purposes during the winter months when working outside is not possible. We are currently working with them on plans for “Four Legged Fridays” where we would see many of our dogs in training, attending classes regularly at their High Schools. The students in these schools would also like to take on some serious fundraising activities for us.


In 2014 the Association sought us out and offered all of their proceeds for that year’s annual golf tournament to our cause. Their contribution was overwhelming.

It seems like every few months the wonderful people at MotoSport Plus hold an event to raise funds for our training program. Whether it is a customer appreciation barbeque, a new H-D model kickoff, or a Halloween party, we are the appreciative winners.

Thanks to John Reno and Brett Gambino for donating all of their proceeds from this wonderful concert at the Grand Theatre in Kingston in October 2014.

Local Retailers

These people are huge supporters of K4PSD. They host and sponsor events at their facility and give us great discounts on their grooming services.

Tim’s is always there for us. They contribute free coffee, hot chocolate and urns, on a day’s notice, for all of our fundraising events.

KBC provides all of the hot chocolate we sell at the Snow Much Fun and A New Year’s Eve Party at City Hall events at no cost to us. They always gladly promote our events on their table calendars in their popular downtown restaurant.


Chorus Entertainment Inc., through CKWS and their affiliated radio stations have been tremendous promoters of K4PSD from its inception. The amount of public awareness and recognition they have given us is immeasurable. Our staff have become regular guests on Bill Welychka’s, The ‘WS Daily’ at 5:00 PM weekdays.

K4PSD has been featured a number of times on Ontario Morning’s Kingston Report with J.C. Kenny and Wei Chen.

Our programs have been featured several times on the Morning Show with Brian Scott and Susan Amos and we received a $1,000 donation from their Fly Fund.

An event at Playdium in Kingston, in support a young girl on our wait list, was featured in a new item presented by CTV-Ottawa.

The “Whig” regularly features our people, our dogs and all their stories in their newspaper. They enhance our reputation and public awareness of what we do for people in our communities.

Gorsebrook is a CKC permanently registered (Perm. Reg.) Labrador Retriever breeder established in 1989 and located in the Rideau River Valley of Eastern Ontario.  The Gorsebrook breeding program is dedicated to the breed to produce happy, healthy Labradors of beautiful English type who love to retrieve, win in the Specialty & all-breed show rings, compete in obedience & field, are hospital therapy visitors, play happily with children and work as hunting companions. Gorsebrook is very well known for its beautiful and intelligent working-titled champions.  K4Paws is honoured to include these puppies in our program.

Thank you to our generous Supporters