Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs Programs

Service Dogs for People with Autism

Not all people with autism or an autism spectrum disorder are necessarily disabled by their condition. Some are able to function while others find that their condition substantially limits that person’s ability to perform activities of daily living that most others take for granted.

Service Dogs For PTSD and other mental health issues

The use of Trained Service Dogs in Canada to assist people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a relatively new concept. The model is widely used in the US, and there are many reports that service dogs speed recovery from PTSD and help reduce reliance on medication.

Seizure Response Dogs

Seizure response dogs, are trained to perform tasks during or following a seizure to assist their partner. These tasks may include rolling the person to create an open airway, clearing vomitus from the mouth, getting help, operating a call button or activating an alert system, blocking the person with postictal disorientation from stairs and intersections, helping the person to rise, helping with postictal balance issues or guiding the disoriented person to a preset location or person.

Mobility Service Dogs

Mobility Service Dogs are trained to assist individuals 6 years of age or older with physical or Medical disabilities. Individuals can have a renewed sense of safety and independence through the use of one of our trained service dogs. On a daily basis, Mobility Service Dogs help their partners retrieve objects, open and close appliances, and open and close doors and may other things. These dogs are also trained to bark or activate an alert system when help is needed.

Canine Assisted Intervention Dogs

Canine Assisted Intervention Dogs are matched with treatment professionals from a variety of disciplines to work as partners in therapy to address health and wellness in communities across Ontario.

Companion Dogs

K4PSD recognizes the special bonds that develop between pet dogs and their families. The therapeutic value of pets is well documented and many people have experienced decreased stress and anxiety, increased psychological wellbeing, increased opportunities for exercise, and increased opportunities for social interaction.


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